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Custom Design Mosaic

Make your own mosaic design

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Unleash your creativity and personalize your space with a custom mosaic designed by you. At Tradexx, we offer you the opportunity to turn your portrait into a stunning mosaic masterpiece.

1. Upload Your Image:

Select a meaningful image or design that resonates with you. Whether it's a cherished photo or a unique creation, your artwork will be the centerpiece of your custom mosaic.

2. Share Your Email:

Provide your email so we can keep you in the loop and ensure your custom mosaic experience is seamless.

3. Choose Your Shape:

Define the shape of your mosaic. Select from classic options like rectangle, round, or go for a unique hexagonal design. Your mosaic, your choice!

4. Add Personal Touch with a Note:

Have specific preferences or ideas for your mosaic? Use the custom note field to share any special instructions or details. Your personal touch makes it uniquely yours.

5. Submit and Watch Your Design Come to Life:

Hit the submit button and watch as your custom mosaic takes shape. Our team will craft your creation with precision and care. Transform your space with a mosaic that reflects your individuality. Design your custom mosaic today and make a statement that's uniquely yours!


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